Nairobi – Jo’burg Backpacking

One early morning on Mt. Kenya

My friend Paul and I have thought of and hope to do a tour of Southern Africa, starting from Nairobi, Kenya to Johannesburg, SA and back.

We intend to use intercity buses through Nairobi, Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], Zanzibar, Lilongwe [Malawi], Lusaka and Livingstone [Zambia], Francistown and Gaborone [Botswana] and Jo’burg. From Jo’burg we’ll enter Mozambique and then Malawi and back to Tanzania.

We could also branch off at Livingstone and instead of entering Botswana, we go to Secheke town into Namibia, then Windhoek down to Cape Town and up again to ‘Jobeg.’

The trip will be nothing out of a tourism textbook save for do or die issues like immigration papers. Matters of when and where to sleep for instance will be decided where and when the night falls; making friends, taking lots of photos, bungee jumping at Victoria Falls and enjoying African dishes at every opportunity. Our budget is very basic and we intend to do travel the cheapest way possible.

Time stands between us and reality now and I’m not sure when we will go but most likely in October 2012, God willing. We hope that will be more fun.



  1. kwj · August 21, 2010

    This will be quite an adventure for you guys.Doing more than 5countries in two wks is great.Enjoy.

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