A peek at moi

I have and will always say that if God was a man, he would have chased me away a long time ago! I think I rely on God very much. Well, he isn’t.

Humour is my food and well knit words close the meal a la dessert. Show your teeth but bite not. Just Laugh.

Dream? They are many, but if I could do a motorbike trek from Rabat to Nairobi, one dream would have come to be. A powerful bike, not a rickety excuse of one. Sleeping in the desert, chatting up the Tuaregs, praying, meditating…



  1. Bintiafrica · December 14, 2009

    Tu sais,mon ange, petit à petit, mot par mot je suis tombe amoureux avec ton âme qui est trés beau. Trés beau. I hope you get to see what’s beyond the horizon…it’s as beautiful as you dreamed.

  2. Cold Turkey · December 15, 2009

    Oh, really? Quel beau Décembre est-ce! Ta réponse est trés douce et je la trouve sincère. Je dirais que quand tes sentiments ont parlés c’est mon âme qui a ecouté. Que cette amour de nos duex âmes dure. Pinch-moi!

    And sure thing, I’m going for it and with God absolutely nothing is without reach. Cheers big time Binti.

  3. Miriam · August 31, 2010

    hot sauce

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