Driving South in a Stock Vehicle

I’ve of late entertained the idea of a drive across southern Africa in a stock car. That means a vehicle without any modification. Your everyday thing. I’m sold. In the last few weeks I’ve therefore spent time on You Tube learning from others who’ve taken long road trips; what to prepare, know, look out for and such. It gets even more exciting as you watch and realize how doable it is.

maps 1

You don’t need a 4×4. Some Kenyans did this in 2010 in a Subaru Forester. Others have as well. It’s about 5700 km from Nairobi to Capetown by road. 6 days or so should see you there. Given 3 weeks, this can be done, to and fro. I also found an app that helps calculate your fuel consumption, quite accurately. Add that to your estimates for food and accommodation needs, documentation including visas, vehicle checks and you have a budget. Find a partner or a couple of them. Set the time. Do it.

The road all the way down is tarmacked. If you don’t detour much to national parks, 12000km wouldn’t ask for new tyres, assuming they’re pretty new. You can carry spares of course. Service your car like you would normally. What I’m trying to say is; this is not a trip that requires corporate sponsorship. All you need it time, a vehicle, partners and a heart for adventure.

In my plans for a long time, is a backpacking trip to Cape Town from Nairobi, by public buses. I’ve even blogged about it. This I will still do, before driving down. The experiences must definitely be wildly different. It’s more exciting though being overland with your own vehicle. Choices; you stop and move when, where and as you wish. You’ve more responsibilities and with good company, there is fun to it.

Andrew documents his expeditions on You Tube. He is the kind you can learn from. He makes it simple. Nothing fancy. You don’t need millions to make such trips if you love being on the road for adventure. That’s his message here.

Before the ultimate Nairobi – Capetown trip, I’ve also been looking at Nairobi – Addis Ababa road. It’s tarmacked all through its 1573 km length. A friend and I have been working on a Nairobi – Marsabit trip, on the new road that everyone who has its photos, is crazy about. We extended it to Moyale which is only 246 km from Marsabit. Why not up to Addis then and tick off an expedition to the North from our list? I’ll blog about this, later.

maps 2




  1. Cheruto Kosgey · July 26, 2017

    This is a very very exciting prospect!

    • coldturkey · August 22, 2017

      Indeed @Kosgey. Let’s see how it goes

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