At times writing is effortless. Other times nightmarish. But it's always therapeutic.

I was looking for the sleep command

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I have a couple of stories I want to roll out and which I really should. I think so. However for now let me tell you of how I caught my head pulling planks on me a few hours ago. Since 10 am I’ve been working on trying to make sense of a large dataset of English Premier League results on the back of tutorials for a new data analysis language I’m learning. The thing is huge and a particular function has been elusive since morning. I wanted to clean the whole thing up and then play around with it and get some insights.

Being new to this language and not being a programmer before, commands got me in a corner. It’s been trial and error whole day, putting me on the edge, feeling like a bashful nerd, sinking into it completely and not even eating. With a problem like that you can get fearfully obsessed. There was food around but lunch didn’t have me. Tea did instead. 3 mugs and that’s been all for the day. Running commands and failing, typing functions and getting errors till around 8 pm when I got it and took a break. I had repeated the same code repeatedly, modified it, googled and still it wasn’t working. The back and forth messed up my head.

I’m cooling off now. The machine is down, I watch the news, read a few pages of Nate McCall’s Makes Me Wanna Holler, spread myself on the couch like a desert lizard. I’m the cat’s meow, as he says and it feels fine. I decide to sleep anyway and this is where I catch myself going nutty. I try to remember the sleep command!

You got that? For a few seconds my mind is trying to figure out which is the right command for sleeping. The idea is to create it and the run it. I’m thinking of picking up the machine and trying out a code that will take over from here till morning. I have the vision of the screen, typing commands inside double brackets and jamming enter and wondering if I have the sleep code right! All this happens in a flash. Not a flash of genius, like what happened to the inventor of intermittent windscreen wiper as he drove in the rain with his wife and children, but a flash of fatigue and craziness. Maaaaaaan! Can you buy that?

I come back to my right state of head and stand up. I won’t lie to you but I was shocked. I absolutely can’t believe the thoughts. I laugh out loud and then go take a leak to take it all easy.

It’s time for body over mind; push-ups, spinach and stuff.



Written by coldturkey

February 21, 2013 at 11:53 PM

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