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The eye, the beholder and beauty.

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The beauty, the ideal beauty of open eyes and their eyeballs divided into small pies by thin black lines, especially in the sun. These eyes that you are looking at beat a cat’s in power of captivation because you can’t stop studying them. They pull your conscious into their owner’s brain and you start reading it, feeling a fusion of your beings, a subconscious union that stamps the fact that humans have souls. A soul; the beyond of the obvious, the spirit in the man or woman, the realm of his/her immortal existence, the what/who one is, was and will be.

These eyes are a passageway with light at the end, or a horn with a slender and extensive end. The wide end being the inside of who you are looking at, opening to a network of their thoughts, perceptions, motives, ideas and mind images in constant formation in their brain. You are not able to accurately decipher their thinking model and if you have, you are not aware, but you do feel your coming together through this gaze into their eyes. There is a tag, a connection pulling at the centre of the nerve system, receptions triggering actions by diverse body parts; an involuntary engagement with that other person.

The most remarkable thing you uncover, is that just as they are a door, the eyes are also a door bell, if that is the finest analogy to illustrate the fact that just as they allow a vision into the subliminal, they score this view by dilating, a dilation that ensues just at the very instant of rendezvous of two souls. It’s like the sound of a click. At that moment when your hearts lock, when they blend, that minute of a synthesis, the eyes dilate! They beam a light of recognition, receipt and affirmation. In a split of a nano-second, they seal the tick. PAP!

It’s about the flame, the corporeal upshot, the flesh in a philosophical enlightenment of the metaphysical; the gist of matters a million times removed from any logic, the madness in an involuntary feedback to an emotion whose kind can only be depicted ostensibly but more intriguing is that its source and essence can never be fathomed. The phantasmagoria of emotions shining in a million atoms.

As your mind is extracted from the inside of this other person, the inside I earlier called the beyond of the obvious or the world of souls, your own eyes now capture the seam of the face. You start noticing that person’s nose. You start noticing the raise of the cheeks and the setting of the lips. You start noticing the ears and the rings on them. Up you start noticing the eye brows and up above the hair and its induced curl.

You are now doing what in Latin America we call chinomatico; a sort of physical analysis. You discover the person is sans erreur. Everything is ideal. Made on purpose. Placed by design. Set in a pattern. Joined in excellence. Absolutely faultless. Undeniably awesome.

Your mind comes back holding a brush and paints the external of your object of fascination and spiritual union, into a god or goddess of beauty. The brush whitewashes all deficiency and paints your partner into flawlessness. You see on the outside, the beauty you found in the inside when that moment of connection became. In spite of the exterior you fall in love by the power of the virgin interior.

O Lord! The eyes!


Written by coldturkey

October 18, 2010 at 6:57 PM

Posted in Mind popping

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  1. Lovely!i like this,the plot,big words,everythng wel put,i like that part-everythng is ideal,made on purpose placed by design set in pattern,joined in excellence…thumbs up!


    October 20, 2010 at 7:05 AM

  2. my head hurts…such a philosophical analogy..i think you might be a smart person :-)…and poetic as well?…nevertheless,let me go back and read again…


    October 23, 2010 at 11:49 AM

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