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The inference of God

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God at time appears and feels to many, at different points in time, through varied circumstances, as an idea around us but removed from us. A concept whose being we cannot deny, but whose solidity we can never lay a claim as to ever having had. A concept dropped down by our religious orientation but from which fantasy we have never been able to separate. A mystery we would rather have, for we have no other mystery to hold with such high esteem. A belief we are afraid of offending through blasphemy.

I have found out, just like many have and can be evidence of, that practical relationships have an indelible impact than tongue serviced liaisons. When you walk with a person, you bond. With that person you share a living experience that glues your memories of each other. You share a connection. You speak more than you do with others. If this rapport is beyond shame and fear, you open up to each other. You share secrets; good and bad. That is why we call some friends, other acquaintances and still others, strangers.

If however your rapport with a person is short-lived, not necessarily duration-wise but impact-wise, it can be likened to the temporary nature of the shape of a cloud, or even its appearance in the sky. It only passes and never registers as further in your mind. You are distant, the only aspect keeping your rapport from being entirely parallel being that you both had a meeting point, at which point the development of your relationship was ruled out. As they say, you failed to click.

I advice against paying allegiance to God due to what we think of Him rather that what in reality we know Him of. If that is the case, our bond to him is hazy and will avail less than what it is meant to. We will follow him blindly in a groupthink tendency and that is conventionally foolish.

God is personal. He has to happen to you, either directly or indirectly. Our experiences of God are individual, which allows us the liberty of desiring to either know Him more or less. This is not about acknowledging his existence. No. Many do already. This is about entirely and willingly wanting to align your world experiences with Him. It’s about crossing the regions of doubt and trusting in what He claims to be. It’s about putting to test God’s definition of himself and validating or invalidating this definition. It’s about dipping that blue litmus paper clasped between your fingers and depending on the expected results, watching it turn red or remain blue.

When the proof of God’s qualities shows, you then get weaned to initiate and expand your rapport with him. You learn that He can be trusted. At your own volition you discover He is reliable and you now confide in Him more and more. He becomes an ally, on whose resources you start depending on for protection and provision. He becomes that listening ear and those eyes inclined to you, personally, to a point where you start deriving non-circumstantial oriented peace, consolation and comfort. From time to time, you will experience instances of what you believe to be extra-ordinaire. Call them miracles.

God, then, with such solid and individually undeniable incidents, ceases to be that fantastical being and you convincingly accord him the quality of tangibility. You have by now indeed confirmed that the goodness of this pudding is in the eating. God dies away as that concept of uncountable literature, avid parents, and fervent religious leaders to what happened upon you practically. He loses his mystery and becomes a being of your own discovery. He is now not validated and qualified by what others said but by what you have come to know.

Those who have discovered God as of this nature should not despise those who are yet to or deem them rebellious outcasts. There is nothing wrong with hesitation towards God or holding an idea of His being nth time removed from your present practical world experience. The encouragement to taste and see still holds. That is your tabula rasa; your point zero – an important stage.

Set out to discover God individually and when you do, because you will, you will indeed.


Written by coldturkey

August 11, 2010 at 2:27 AM

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  1. Reading me, reminds me of how much I have been seeking the deep ‘personal’ relationship with God. I want to experience Him so bad..and when I say so bad I mean it, I want to feel Him, I want to hear Him, I want to talk to Him..I want to find Him.
    *long sigh*
    I’m going back to the very basics.


    August 14, 2010 at 5:22 PM

  2. Excellent post. I stand as one who is experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus and I am very grateful to Him.

    For those who want to experience Him, I would suggest you make the second move since He has already made the first one for He is knocking on your heart’s door waiting for you to let Him in. (Revelation 3:20)

    Just welcome Him in, read one chapter of the Bible every morning, tell Him your aspirations for the day and then get on with your life while trying to live right.

    Include Him in every aspect of your life from minor things such as asking Him to help you secure a parking space to major things such as securing a tender and your relationship will grow and you’ll begin to feel and see His presence in your life and even hear Him talk to you.


    August 31, 2010 at 7:35 PM

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