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Chapter 11: How not to make another baby just after the first one.

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An earlier post natal post by the same title apparently left Cee hanging on the last fullstop. Cee wished to see the next of it. I did promise to put it down but how hard it was to get just that trigger moment! It finally came.

The story is of a young family of Elle and Daddy and their baby daughter. The man is back to work, mourning the short paternal leave in the name of ‘a father needs at least a 6 month leave to bond with his child. He is back home tonight with minced meat, a shopping that sets off this talk.


Elle: [Checking the stuff] Hm…you bought meat? OK, but I can’t see juice in here.
Daddy: Juice? Wait a moment. You mentioned juice?
Elle: Like yeah! [eyes roll] I said Minute Maid juice, breakfast blend.
Daddy: Wah! You’re right. I don’t know how or why but Minced Meat is what stuck to my mind. I even asked the lady where to find the fridge. My bad.
Elle: [Not shocked] And I had a feeling of it. See a doc. See a doc.
Daddy: Haha, we haven’t had beef for long actually. It’s a blessing.
Elle: Like daah! [another rolling of eyes]

She is used to the fact that he is a pathetic shopper. Well, most men are but this is a hybrid case. Even with a list you can’t trust him to get all the right stuff. Buying oversize diapers, rice instead of sugar, sampers instead of pamper. He will always jokingly answer that geniuses are handicapped as regards orders, schedules and lists. However, this part of him is well known to Elle and she knows when to risk and when not to. She can take mince meat for minute maid, but can’t cooking oil for engine oil.

Daddy: Honeymoon is over baby I tell you.
Elle: You are so happy about that. It was real, something you can’t control. When a woman is pregnant she is queen 10 times over.
Daddy: Do you remember you wanted me to photograph every other hair style on TV? I didn’t have issues with yoghurt, sausages and Terravita everyday…was very used to those. But hair styles on Tellie? Baby! You haven’t even worn any!
Elle: Eh! Eh! Eh! [Defending herself] Those things are real. Your talk makes it sound like you were behind some bars of some sort.
Daddy: Well…
Elle: [gives him a dare-to-say-yes look]
Daddy: What I mean is, next time get a more humane craving like…washing me every morning.
Elle: [Laughing loudly] Forget it. What? Stink if you may. Crack with dirt if you may but nada. No next time my dear. Wow! She wants to speak.
Daddy: [Reclined in front of the TV, daughter on his laps, her back to his tummy] I haven’t seen her that animated. It’s the screen. Say something good girl, say something…

When she delivered, it caught them a little by surprise. The baby was expected on a Thursday but came on a Tuesday morning, the womb having become hot. Daddy was just about to set off for work. He even was a little late. Elle was on leave of course – a week prior. They thought it was the usual sickness and his idea was to take her for a checkup, bring her back and then go to work.

But that was to be the day. He was asked to hold and stroke her shoulders amid cheers of “Push! Push! Push! 3 medical slaps and the baby logged onto the world. Elle says it was dead painful and swears to not be there again. You wouldn’t believe that Daddy wishes to see her back three other times. He desires 4 kids! Yes, 4.

Daddy: So next week you are back to work.
Elle: Imagine!
Daddy: [Deep breath] It’s gonna be crazy.
Elle: Yea, but Mia will do a good job. I’m sure she will. But then again, it’s almost close of term.
Daddy: Yea, that’s better.

Elle is a nurse. In a week, her office welcomes her again. Spending a whole day without seeing her daughter sounds cruel. Actually is cruel. Like all mothers, first time mothers especially, she can’t trust anyone with the baby. Not even the hubby. But she’s got a candle to burn.

Daddy works as a college tutor and contributes to Chemistry journals here and there. He will transfer his writing from office to home over the 3 week holiday, over which time they will not need Mia, the day nanny.

One thing they have now become assured of is never waking up late. Their cute daughter is a live alarm, waking them with a super wail every morning at 5 am. What a bundle of energy this couple got itself.


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July 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM

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